Comic-Con is Dead to Me!

San Diego Comic-Con badges sold out in under one and a half hours this morning. By the time I got in the queue, due to the website being inundated, there were already too many ahead of me.

I’ve probably been to Comic-Con at least 25 times over the years, and will try to go again in the future, but I am strangely not that disappointed about not going this year. Comic-Con has been a zoo in recent years, and almost all the major panels end up on YouTube. Not only is the convention crowded, with long lines for popular events, getting a nearby hotel at a reasonable price has become nearly impossible, and the registration cost for the convention has spiked to $175 this year.

Besides, I’ll be going to WonderCon in a couple of weeks. It’s what Comic-Con was 10+ years ago–more focused on comics at a reasonable registration price without the crushing crowds.

Judging by comments on the Comic-Con Facebook page, it looks like a lot of first-timers got in. I wish them well.

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