The New 52: Blackhawks and Voodoo

Finishing up “The Edge” group of DC’s New 52:


Here’s another high-tech super-secret paramilitary mercenary group, where every member has a cute nickname like “Canada” or “Irish” just so we can tell them apart, I suppose. Whether writer Mike Costa can differentiate Blackhawks from S.H.I.E.L.D. or G.I. Joe (for which he has previously written at IDW) remains to be seen. The first issue establishes Blackhawks as the custodians of every weapon known to mankind, and then some. The story arc looks like it will involve them fighting enemies who use nano-biotechnology to infiltrate their ranks. Artists Graham Nolan and Ken Lashley present a style well suited to this type of story—clean, modern, and dynamic. There is nothing that demands the reader’s continued attention, but they drop some intriguing hints that may pay off in the long run.


Voodoo was created by Jim Lee and is part of the Wildstorm imprint that DC is trying to integrate into its mainstream line. With a title like Voodoo, you would expect something supernatural, but it looks like it will be more science fictiony, which could cause marketing problems. Voodoo is a shape-shifting alien who takes the form of a stripper to “…learn about people. Men, especially. They have their defenses down [at a strip club].” A quick look at the first issue might give the sense that this is an unnecessarily sexist story, but writer Ron Marz gives us a shocking ending that, at least temporarily, assuages that kind of assumption. Nevertheless, there’s not much else to the first issue, other than a brief scene of a badass woman detective or federal agent named Fallon who is tailing Voodoo. The art by Sami Basri is very good—though tending towards the cartoonish. If Voodoo stays away from the cheesecake and delivers a compelling story, it could have potential and be worth revisiting when the trade edition comes out.

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