This is Me, Jack Vance!

This is Me, Jack Vance!This is Me, Jack Vance! by Jack Vance

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A memoir from one of the giants of the SF field. It’s a pleasant walk through Vance’s life, filled with a lot of short anecdotes from his youth, numerous odd jobs, and extensive travels, but very little about his fiction. There’s almost no introspection, even on misfortunes such as his blindness, which he tosses out almost as an aside.

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5 responses to “This is Me, Jack Vance!

  1. I thought autobiographies are usually introspective 😉 Why write your story down… Strange…

  2. What’s your favorite of Vance’s work? I’ve read Blue World, City of the Chasch, and Showboat World — I haven’t read his most famous yet.

    • The Dying Earth is undoubtedly Vance’s best work. I have a warm spot for his Alastor trilogy. He has a lot of good short fiction, too, most notably “The Dragon Masters” (Hugo Award Winner) and “The Last Castle” (Hugo and Nebula Award winner).

  3. I like very much the flow of Vance’s writing. Will need to read his autobiography, it’s on my TBR for sure. I find it sad however, that he never really got the recognition he deserved in life. Yes he won Hugos and Nebula awards. But nowadays? His work is not seen that much in the major chains. Maybe in eBook form, there will be a big comeback. I hope so.

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