What’s the Greatest Monster Movie?

The Los Angeles Times is conducting a poll to determine the all-time greatest monster movie. There are so many good ones to choose from! The Times poll unfortunately limits the selections to about fifty films. They left off such classics as The Thing From Another World (1951), Hellraiser (1987), Invaders from Mars (1953), Rodan (1956), and Mothra (1961). I’m sure there are many others that could be included.

But they did include some real “gems,” like The Giant Claw (1957) and C.H.U.D. (1984).

What’s your favorite monster movie? For me it was a hard choice, but I finally voted for King Kong (1933), one of the first, and still one of the best.

To see and vote in the poll visit this link.


One response to “What’s the Greatest Monster Movie?

  1. A shame that “Mothra” was not included. Of all the giant Japanese monsters…Mothra is my favorite. I mean he’s got his own theme song and groupies (the peanuts) Mothra rules!


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